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Tanabata Festival is coming

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Tanabata Festival,also called Chinese Valentine’s Day.This year,it falls on August 13 (Lunar calendar:July 7 ).
Tanabata Festival is one of China’s four major folklore,originated in Han Dynasty.
On a clear summer night,starry sky,a vast expanse of the Milky Way like a bridge across the north and south.On its east and west,each with a shining star,that is:Altair and Vega.
It is said:the Vega is a beautiful,intelligent,ingenuity fairy.
Mortal women will be beg her for wisdom and artful skill,and ultimately praying for a happy marriage in this one night.
July 7 in Lunar calendar,Altair and Vega will meet each other once a year.
July 7 is a romantic day,lovers will send roses as gift and enjoy a candlelight dinner together to spend this day.
But,Tanabata Festival is not a statutory holiday.Zhenying machine still keep 24 hours online for you,waiting for your inquiry about vibrating screen,conveyor,crusher,feeder.
Wish you happy Tanabata in advance!!!

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